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M1 Carrier

The ergonomic carrier that keeps your baby close and comfortable

Innovative and ergonomic, the Lascal M1 Carrier makes travelling with your baby easy.
A special infant seat adapts the carrier for newborns weighing 3.5kg (8lb), right up to 3-4-year-olds weighing 15kg (33lb.)

Total support

An extra-wide 3D, fully breathable seat cushions your baby’s bottom and legs, giving them ultimate support in all three positions. This gives your baby lots of space for its bottom for maximum comfort. So, whether your little one is facing inward, outward or on your back, you can be sure they’re safe and cosy.

Adaptable, comfortable design

Swap from inwards to outwards facing positions in a flash, thanks to our unique design. Special 3D fabric gives you and your baby superior comfort, no friction and full breathability.

Head protection and shoulder straps

A headshield adds another layer of protection and cosiness for newborns. Ergonomic padding along the shoulder straps, wide waist belt and an integral padded back support makes carrying your baby a breeze.

M1 Carrier colors

M1 Carrier is available in these colour combinations

8 reason to choose the M1 Carrier

The Lascal M1 Carrier is designed for newborns from 3,5 kg./8 lbs. and children weighing up to 15 kg./33 lbs.,
while providing complete comfort and support for both child and parent

Three carrying positions

Wide, 3D, comfortable, fully supportive seat from all angles. M1 Carrier can be used in three ways.
1. facing the parent
2. facing outward
3. sitting in the M1 Carrier’s back position.

Infant seat

1. Specially designed infant seat for newborns weighing over 3.5kg / 8 lb

Leg support

2. Zipped, flexible leg support for inwards, outwards and back carry positions.

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) acknowledges the Lascal m1 Carrier as a "hip-healthy" product, read more (Eng.):

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI)
(743 KB)


Foldable head support provides comfort and support for the newborn’s head.

Extra wide, padded shoulder straps plus Premium, ergonomic padded back support provides comfort for the parent.


• Friction-free, soft fabric for you and your baby.

• Breathable, washable 3D fabric.

• All-weather ready with a wind and rain cap.

Wide Waist Belt

Wide waist belt and harness plus a premium, ergonomic padded back support for optimal comfort.

Strap tidies

Strap tidies keep all loose ends in place.

One-handed operation

Easy and safe to use with one-handed operated buckles.

Tested and Approved

For your child’s safety.

The M1 carrier is tested and approved by SGS according to the European standard EN 13209-2:2016 and the US Standard ASTM F2236-16a. Every single component is tested to meet the standard for kid’s products according to REACH (EU) and CPSIA (U.S.).


More about the M1 Carrier

Product registration

Registering is the only way to guarantee that Lascal will notify you in the unlikely event we need to issue a safety notification.

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Owner manual

m1 carrier owner manual

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m1 Carrier™ tests

The following standards are used when performing test of baby carriers.
• European Safety Standard EN 13209-2:2005, part2
• US Safety standard ASTM F 2236-03

The Lascal M1 Carrier™ was tested and approved by SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co. Ltd, Guangzhou, China according to above mentioned standards in xxx xx xxxx

Furthermore, the Lascal M1 Carrier is tested and approved regarding the new regulations for chemical content in products sold within the European Union and USA. Test report No. GZ0901002412/CHEM Jan 24, 2009 (REACH) and GZ0902008309/CHEM Feb 23, 2009 (CPSIA)

Safety information

m1 Carrier™ safety information

  • Carefully read and follow all instructions provided with your M1 Carrier™, before use.

  • Your balance may be adversely affected by your movement and that of the child.

  • This carrier is not suitable for use during sporting activities.

  • Only use the M1 Carrier™ for babies weighing 3.5 - 14 kg / 8 - 30 lb.

  • Small babies can fall through a leg opening.

  • Adjust leg openings to smallest possible size.

  • Always use the leg straps for babies 3.5 - 5 kg / 8 - 11 lb.

  • Baby must face you until they can hold their head upright.

  • The M1 Carrier™ is designed for use by adults while walking only.

  • Hold your baby closely at all times until correctly attached.

  • Make sure baby is properly positioned with the legs straddling the seat and both arms extending through the arm holes.

  • Check to assure all buckles, snaps, straps and adjustments are secure before each use.

  • Pull the Waist and Shoulder Straps until carrier fits snugly.

  • Always make sure there is enough room around your baby's nose and mouth to provide a clear source of air.

  • Never lie down with baby in the M1 Carrier™.

  • Inspect the M1 Carrier™ regularly for any signs of wear and tear.

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Registering is the only way to guarantee that Lascal will notify you in the unlikely event we need to issue a safety notification.

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