Choose a KiddyGuard model

Choose between the KiddyGuard® AssureTM without housing, KiddyGuard® AccentTM, with a rounded aluminium gate housing, or the premium KiddyGuard® AvantTM which stretches across wider openings, has a square aluminium housing and an even more advanced locking system.

KiddyGuard® keeps your child on the safe side


Safe and stylish family homes

Create child-friendly places within moments with the new, improved Lascal KiddyGuard®. Elegant, functional and totally secure, the Swedish designed safety barriers fit into any space. So, whether you live in a period property or a modern home, you can quickly transform dangerous spots without sacrificing on style.

It’s all about the design

Discreet, fully secure and innovative, the KiddyGuard® gives you a stylish alternative to other child gates. White or black mesh slides beautifully into a brushed aluminium housing.

Disappears when not in use

Completely child-proof when locked in place, and invisible when open, this unique guard won’t clutter your home. And because it fully retracts when open, you won’t trip over it either.

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