The Lascal BuggyBoard® Fitting Guide

BuggyBoard Maxi Out n about Nipper 360

BuggyBoard Maxi
Buggyboard Maxi fits Out n about, Nipper 360
Out n about Nipper 360

Where to fit the BuggyBoard Maxi

Connector position

25 cm.
9.84 in.
Connector position 5

Arm setup

Arm setup 10

Fitting details


Brake can be operated normally once the BuggyBoard is lifted up out of the way

Pushchair can be folded normally with BuggyBoard connectors fitted.

The BuggyBoard can be hooked up using the lift ‘n’ store system when not in use

Your child will normally stand IN FRONT OF the pushchair handle.

Carrycots are not available for this pushchair.

The child can stand comfortably when the pushchair is fully reclined or upright

Head room is tight, only 17cm of space inside the handles.


Using the BuggyBoard
Fitting instruction video
The BuggyBoard Saddle

Pushchair and stroller guarantees differ. Use of a BuggyBoard, or any other pram accessory not manufactured by the pushchair company, may invalidate your pushchair or stroller guarantee. Read more...

Please note, this website and product imagery is designed to show you the wide variety of applications and flexibility of the BuggyBoard on a range of pushchair models. It is not exhaustive and is regularly updated.

The BuggyBoard has been designed with functionality in mind, so our illustrative examples are intended to show you that the BuggyBoard can be mounted successfully onto almost every pushchair model.

It is important that any child using the BuggyBoard has enough space to stand comfortably. However, due to the number of combinations possible across pushchair brands (regarding positioning of carrycots, whether seats are forward/rear facing, the ability of the pushchair handle to slide out, accessories you may have attached etc.) we are unable to illustrate everything. Only you can recognise if your child has enough space to stand comfortably.

Similarly, if you use a BuggyBoard Saddle, the seat accessory designed for use with the BuggyBoard Maxi, you need to be sure that your child has adequate space to sit/stand comfortably. They should always sit rear facing.

Before each use, please show your child where they should hold onto the pushchair or Saddle to avoid any fingertraps that may be accessible at the back of your pushchair.